Tri-Sons Storage - Merriam Woods

4329 Highway 176, Merriam Woods, MO 65740
Current Customers: 417.332.2367

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4 Stars - 4 Reviews
June 4, 2019
Stay away!
January 29, 2019
Owners are rude and care about money more than customers and employees. They raise rates without notice. Gates are broken a lot. Just stay away.
Hell to the fuckin NO!!!!
September 8, 2018
God so help me theses Ppl I swear ive never in my life felt the anger of dealing with theses ppl!! Scandalous Warning!! YOU better keep all info you give them wen you apply . because heres the deal , they got their slick lil ways to steal ur stuff 1..if you lose or forget ur phone number they cant excess ur account 2.. if they cant excess ur account you cant pay ur bill. ( took me forever to find that number) ruined my whole weekend it turned out the second month had just rolled over now i owed $208 so you better have that amount or you cant pay ur bill !! Not mention they run their scams legally!!! RED LOCKED if ur 3 days late Takes them up to 3 days to remove it!!! Again ruined another weekend !! I tryed to change my number at least 10 times. STILL not changed. THEY WON'T CALL THE NUMBER WHERE YOU CAN be REACH !! THEY CALL THE NUMBER FIRST PUT ON FILE .. IM PISSSED I HATE EM.. MY OLD NUMBER ON FILE IS MY RECENTLY DECEASED MOMS (NUMBER ITS NO LONGER WORKING .PLEASE SAVE URSELF THE TROUBLE AND DONT TRUST UR BELONGINGS AT THE MERRIAMWOODS STORAGE. I cant speak for any other storage EXCEPT THIS ONE!!!.
very nice facility
Christopher Eades
September 2, 2017
Very clean and secure. They must spray for bugs around units also cause I don't find spiders and webs in my unit like most places. I have another unit in kirbyville and I'm gonna move it over here as soon as I muster up a bucket full of energy. I bought this unit cause it was close to my house in Rockaway Beach. I'll always recommend Tri Son's Storage to friends.
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